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Upgrading and maintaining settings is as simple as downloading version Y and extracting it into the version X folder overwriting everything but the configuration folder.The new version configuration folder only has 2 or 3 generic files in it anyway until after the first time it is run.Maybe the organization has changed since you upgraded.I had to add the following repository: to the available software sites. Have to go through the install new software path, select the above repo, and then it shows Eclipse SDK, Eclipse Platform SDK, etc. Have to select the correct option to upgrade depending on the current installation (i.e., if it was a platform or SDK, etc.) Hope this helps someone.So hopefully that was the right way to do it - unless someone wants to tell me differently. The only problem is that once you do this, your previous version of Eclipse is gone.I use Eclipse mostly for Android dev and I'd like to be able to run both Juno and Indigo until I'm really sure that Juno's Android support is solid.However, I cannot fully understand how to obtain necessary information in Juno.

And most of the time when you encounter an error / depwarn, the answer is probably to update the package first (and then if that doesn’t fix it, you can checkout master.

I've done this over the past 4 versions of Eclipse and never had a problem.

The only thing to keep in mind is that anything that's not included in whichever specialized version you're using may need to be upgraded, but that's simply a matter of clicking check for upgrades under help after running the new version for the first time.

This did work, bit it looks like some of my workspace settings didn't move over (such as my window positions in each perspective).

Also, the file has moved into the eclipse/ folder which didn't exist in 3.x (Indigo and prior)I don't think this is a good solution, but is does provide insight useful to a solution: copying the workspace preserves the settings.

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