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Social Networking Protection highlights dangerous links at Facebook, Twitter, Google , Linked In, Pinterest, Weibo and more.

to see how ridiculous some of the upcoming trends are!

We left the box blank and the installer didn't complain. Antivirus Security launched an update module which warned us not to restart our PC, but then didn't do anything. This time it ran smoothly, completing within a minute, and we didn't see any update problems again.

Once setup is complete, you can safely leave the program to do its work.

We were also able to delete one, perhaps because it wasn't being used.

This isn't an immediate security risk, but it's a little sloppy, and not an issue we find with most antivirus products. There are large animated icons, a big scan button, a clear description of your security status, and text captions and tooltips to make it clear how everything works.

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You may see occasional alerts as the program finds threats, but otherwise Trend Micro Antivirus Security handles most issues on its own.

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