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These can vary according to scholarly proficiency and educated interpretation.

Moreover, there are several editions of ancient texts and recipe numbers/titles do not always match.

Only a few years ago such an invitation would have been unthinkable, and it marks not only the chance of a new beginning for Burma but also the end of a heart-breakingly solitary journey for Ms Suu Kyi that began 65 years ago.

In January 1947, her father, General Aung San, travelled from Burma to London to meet the then Prime Minister Clement Attlee, to sign the Aung San-Attlee agreement that would pave the way for Burmese independence.

The deal would make Aung San a national hero but at an appalling cost.

His rivals assassinated him five months later in July 1947.

Cooking methods (baked or fried in ancient hearths, portable colonial/pioneer Dutch ovens, modern ovens), pastry composition (flat bread, flour/fat/water crusts, puff paste, milles feuilles), and cultural preference (pita, pizza, quiche, shepherd's, lemon meringue, classic apple, chocolate pudding).

Flaky pastry fruit-filled turnovers appeared in the early 19th century.

Some pie-type foods are made for individual consumption. pasties, turnovers, empanadas, pierogi, calzones..enjoyed by working classes and sold by street vendors.

When combined with ground grains, it produced a rudimentary type of pastry.

The challenging part of researching these early pies is most of us rely on translators of original texts.

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But she chose a very different future after returning to Burma in 1989 to care for her dying mother. ” The separation reduced him to tears.'Last week Mr Horsley, who works for a travel company in Rangoon, added: 'I think the sense of guilt she suffered at being separated from her children was appalling. The dilemma of country over family had a profound effect on her as well as on her children.'He said: 'There was hardly any furniture in it and it was in very poor condition.

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