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The session handles the returned promise and when it resolves becomes authenticated, otherwise remains unauthenticated.

All data the authenticator resolves with will be accessible via the session data's property. A resolving promise indicates that the session was successfully authenticated while a rejecting promise indicates that authentication failed and the session remains unauthenticated.

Invalidates the session with the authenticator it is currently authenticated with (see authenticate).

This invokes the authenticator's invalidate method and handles the returned promise accordingly. A resolving promise indicates that the session was successfully invalidated while a rejecting promise indicates that invalidation failed and the session remains authenticated.

The promise does not resolve with a value; instead, the data returned from the authenticator is available via the data property.

When authentication succeeds this will trigger the authentication Succeeded event.

In a system without session affinity, if the programmer developed a way to store user data in memory (and nowhere else), this would work fine on one dyno.

Session affinity, sometimes referred to as sticky sessions, is a platform feature that associates all HTTP requests coming from an end-user with a single application instance (web dyno).This happens when the session gets invalidated via invalidate but also when the session is invalidated in another tab or window of the same application and the session state gets synchronized across tabs or windows via the store (see session Data Updated).When using the Application Route Mixin this event will automatically get handled (see session Invalidated).But as a press back button my previous page is displayed with "null" as my username. I want, when I press back button and as my session got ended simply my login page would be displayed. Dear raephel, You haven't mentioned that you are using Browser's back button Or your application having some back button. Right now let's assume that you are pressing your application's back button not browser's back button.You can check your session related Objects in head tag of your jsp like this m sorry that I'd not told u about BACK button, actually m using my browser's back button.

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Sticky sessions allow applications and frameworks to make assumptions about traffic coming their way.

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