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When I was in college in the 70s, I dated married men and priests because they always went HOME!

For some reason there are plenty of closeted married dentists. The best thing about sex with a priest is the conversations afterward.

A friend was a young and virgin seminarian years ago. When I was about 25, I had sex with a priest many times. One Saturday night, we struck up a conversation at the bar. There were a few religious items around in the apartment, i.e., crucifix, bible; bit still I didn't know. Townhouse on a Saturday night used to be full of them- fun, educated nice guys.

The first time it happened, I met him in a gay bar. We hit it off, and he asked me to go home with him, which I did. The night on question, I didn't know he was a priest. Within minutes, we were in bed sucking on each others' foreskins. Instead, he was going to a hospital to do his Sunday morning chaplain duties. They were there more for social aspect, not cruising- although I did go home with one.

James Kennedy, the ADF has been through the ringer more than a few times for its discriminatory views, and is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It’s also officially known as a hate group in Colorado, which eventually passed a pro-gay ruling in 1996, creating a law that explicitly prohibits discrimination predicated on gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

While it might be difficult to imagine something as seemingly inoffensive as cake stirring up controversy, it turns out it can when sexuality is involved, especially when a time-honored hate group is putting its full weight behind the cause.

This is precisely what one Colorado baker’s now-infamous decision not to serve a gay couple cake has done in recent years.

In defense of the Jesuits, yes they were nasty do-me self-important fuckers, but they usually reserved a larger time to spend with me and most of them were 2xers. Once in Key West, I stayed at the same guest house as a group who had been in the seminary together. No, but many guys I know have had sex with men who were on the road to being a priest and turned away. Then, one day we made plans to go to a museum to see an exhibit that he was interested in. I just do not know why priests are always tempted on me.

From the old "Your whoriest moment" thread: In the late 80s, I had sex in the upper section (business class) of a 747 flying from JFK to Rome, Italy.

When I boarded the plane, I sat alone in that section until a group of Franciscan Brothers from Pittsburgh, PA joined me.

After we took off, the flight attendant set up an open bar, so we could help ourselves. I ended up having sex with at least 5 of them in the bathrooms at the bottom of the stairway and in our seats I saw one of the priests again while I was in Rome, and he joined me at my hotel.

A few months after I returned to the US, I got a drunken phone call from the same priest.

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