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His aim was a union restricted to employees of his company: 'my objection was not therefore to trade unionism as a principle but to the Borehole Miners [A. Co.] continuing to join lots with those whom they have really very little in common'.His policy was opposed to the essential principle of unionism and Gregson was seen by unionists as their most determined opponent.

Robin Gollan, 'Gregson, Jesse (1837–1919)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University, published first in hardcopy 1972, accessed online 13 January 2018.With the decision and resolution which characterized his whole career, he soon fenced 20,000 acres (8094 ha) on Rainsworth: 'I was very proud of this exploit, the more so because I was the first to start wire fencing in that district'.In 1870 Gregson accompanied Busby, who had been elected to the board of the Australian Agricultural Co., on a visit to Warrah, the company's station on the Liverpool Plains.From 1888 he corresponded with shipowners and other employers, advocating the importance of united action.In the maritime strike he joined the intercolonial conference of employers which directed the strike on the employers' side and in 1890-91 he served on the royal commission on strikes.

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