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The cross in the corner of the Maltese flag is the George Cross, awarded in 1942 by...

Expert guide to Malta M alta is best known in Britain as a sun and sea destination. Malta gets more than 300 sunny days a year and is surrounded by clear blue waters, some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean, and is much enjoyed by visiting swimmers, snorkellers and divers.

The seven megalithic temples of Malta are the oldest free-standing structures in the world 4.

There are more people of Maltese ancestry in Melbourne than there are in Malta 5.

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The sale will kick off on Tuesday 26 December till the Sunday 7 January 2018. For more information visit https:// ." Source: — Anyplace can string up a few lights and call it a holiday celebration. From Mexico to Malta and northern lights to sunny skies, these 15 destinations celebrate Christmas better than the rest: 1.

The British left behind red letter boxes and phone booths, as well as the language, in spite of which Malta (independent since 1964) remains thoroughly Maltese.The country has thankfully shaken off the British culinary legacy and is home to some excellent restaurants specialising in Mediterranean food.So whilst I love to swim and snorkel here in summer, I am equally fond of a sightseeing visit at any time of year.Downtown Valletta is also home to a lively Christmas spirit, with carolers singing outside the Baroque St.John's Co-Cathedral during Advent, and a dizzying display of Christmas lights on Republic Street.

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Most of us know that Malta was British until 1964 and we’ve all heard that Mdina used to be the capital city and how everybody loves pastizzi.

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