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I loved hearing their tips and advice, and Mc Millan, also the author of Why You’re Not Married…Yet, was one of my favorites.

Watch this video for a few reasons: Okay, so I don’t really want to attack another woman.

You know how we write love letters (or e-mails, texts, etc.) to new loves and tell them all the things we love about them?

Everything from how generous their heart is down to how we love the bridge of their nose! What if you had a list of all the things you love about yourself?

And maybe she will meet her partner – especially with all of this media coverage!

But I worry and care about her well-being if things don’t work out the way she’s planning them for next April.

Bonus points for making an elaborate meal for this experience.Right out of the cheap date ideas book: take a picnic.Grab whatever you were going to eat for dinner and head outdoors.I chose what I call a dating sabbatical, meaning I didn’t ask anyone out on a date or take anyone up on an offer for a date.I also tried not to look at the personals and I didn’t go to any speed dating or singles events.

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