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I really don't want writers just doing a find and replace for "Bruce" and "Tim" with "Dick" and "Damian".We all know this dynamic (duo) is a temporary one, I hope they make the most of it while they have it.In our present generation, crossdressing is common... In our present generation, crossdressing is common... Crossdressing was necessary for them - if they hadn't been disguised as men, they would have been executed, or at the very least, laughed out of the army. It seems to me that you're only looking at one side of this, and that's men dressing as women. What is "for men" and what is "for women" - those are things that our culture teaches us.

Being gay or straight also has nothing to do with whether or not a person crossdresses. Seriously, I don't get why you think that's so gross. I don't see why we should force others to dress in a particular way. Seriously, I don't get why you think that's so gross. MILLIONS of girls wear a "t-shirt and jeans" on a regular basis. Stop focusing on stupid s this is worthy of a facepalm, because nobody get's sarcasm on the internet. so all the tribes, scots, Joan of Ark, Romans (TOGA! You realize that skirts were originally worn by everyone, right? Look at ancient Egypt and Sumaria and other cultures around that region. A Greek his...damn, I don't remember what it's called, but it's basically a skirt. Anyone who runs with more than one Pokemon or evolves their Pokemon takes the game way too seriously. You can't just say 'this is too girly for a man to wear', you have to say way and back it up etc etc.

The ancient Scots would call it a kilt, which was a man's garment.

Many tribal nations would say that a grass skirt is for both genders.

People are encouraged to express themselves in this time period are they not?

It was an example of what cross dressing can be like and those dresses, whilst prety hideous, look like normal women's clothing to me.

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