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Photographer: Elkana Jacobson less- A623345-036: RON LIVINGSTON stars as Patrick, an American card shark and dealer of stolen artifacts living in Cambodia for years, when he encounters Holly (THUY NGUYEN ) a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl sold by ...more Patrick (Ron Livingston) is an American living in Cambodia who tries to help a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl sold into prostitution ((Thuy Nguyen) in "Holly," opening Friday."Holly" serves a purpose in highlighting this tragedy, and to the extent that it does, it's effective.The movie starts vividly, with a disgraceful spectacle.They return her to the witch who runs the brothel, and Holly is locked into a room in preparation for the eventual payday.

Ron Livingston plays Patrick, an American who has lived in the region for years, for reasons that aren't clear but probably should be.She is confused when he doesn't want "yum-yum" (a euphemism for one sex act) or "boom-boom" (a euphemism for another). Instead of taking the moral high ground and assuring her that she has finally found an adoptive parent, he is horrified and flummoxed and doesn't quite know how to get through to her."Holly" doesn't skirt the barriers of cultural confusion or language, and it doesn't pretend that the damage to this child can be easily reversed.Girls are sold into slavery by their starving rural families and taken to cities where they live under the tyranny of some of the most evil people imaginable. Organized crime is involved, and rescuing these children by buying them from their captors only perpetuates the problem.The more money these monsters get, the more girls they, in turn, can buy from impoverished families.

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The meager plot and the uncomplicated characters collapse under the weight of director Guy Moshe's intention to make a sprawling, dramatically effective film highlighting the plight of child prostitutes in Cambodia.

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